Sat Till 6 AM

Dive deep into the realm of the bold and the beautiful with Acqua Sauna’s KINK Night, an extraordinary event that invites you to express your most uninhibited self. In the heart of Blackpool, let your fantasies take flight in a safe, welcoming, and electrifying environment.

  • When: Starting 13th April, and then every second Saturday of the month
  • Dress Code: Leather, Rubber, Lycra, Naked, Jocks, Underwear – dress to impress in whatever makes you feel powerful and free.
  • Entry: Unlock the door for Just £10 for an entire night of revelry to an evening where the norm is whatever you choose it to be
  • Express Yourself: At KINK Night, your attire speaks volumes. Whether it’s the sleekness of leather, the tight embrace of lycra, or the daring statement of going au naturel, come as you are – or who you want to be.
  • Connect and Explore: KINK Night is more than an event; it’s a community where connections are forged in the spirit of respect, adventure, and mutual enjoyment.
  • Venue: Acqua Sauna, 25 Springfield Road, Blackpool – just a quick jaunt from Blackpool North station.
  • Directions: Here’s how to find us.
  • For the exclusive KINK Night experience, join our VIP Club and gain access to special privileges that will make your night even more memorable.
  • Stay Updated: Follow our Events Page for the latest on KINK, the latest updates, and sneak peeks into our events.